How it Works

Choose a size that best fits the number of your guests.


Each grazing platter will be unique. It will include fresh fruit, gourmet cheese and crackers, meats, dips, baguette, olives, and gorgeous blooms.

I will assemble your grazing table the day of your event just before it's time to "graze."




The Tables

Small Graze


Whether it's a special night with friends, cocktail hour on your big day, wedding rehearsal, or you're celebrating a birthday, this grazing table is the perfect accompaniment.

Feeds 30-50 people.


Large Graze


This yummy grazing table packs a punch! This eight feet of tasty goodness that makes a statement at any event – from cocktail hour to that sweet not-so-little party. Just the right size for 50 plus guests.


*Weekends, JUNE-SEPT: To accommodate the busy wedding season we must reserve weekend bookings for 

large grazing table only.

If we have an opening for a small table we will make an announcement via instagram - 2-3 months in advance. 

Thanks for your understanding as we work to ensure that each of your grazing tables gets the love and attention it deserves!


 This is the best tasting work of art you’ll ever see.

Hand-crafted with just the right balance of ingredients, greenery, and blooms.

It’ll leave your guests satisfied (and speechless!).



“It was so nice to have incredible food that looked as good as it tasted!”


My career in design has evolved to incorporate my love for entertaining. I gather inspiration through travel and nature, and I bring these elements to each table that I create. I'll set the scene for your event so you can focus on having fun with your guests.